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About Melissa

Hey, I'm Melissa. I'm a 26 year old wife and mom raising my kids in South Eastern New Hampshire. Desperate to name my business after something other than myself, I called it A+E Photography after my twin daughters (send me a quick chat if you think you can guess their names). As someone who has always felt a little awkward and completely the opposite of photogenic, I'm on a mission to help couples and families take the stress out of capturing their lifelong memories. 

The Story

When I was in High School, my bedroom walls were covered in prints I had taken of absolutely anything I thought the light looked pretty on. I'm serious, you can ask my parents who helped me peel all the scotch tape off the walls when I moved out (sorry mom). I'd drag my friends or my brother into snowy fields at sunsets and show them how I wanted them to pose. 

I shied away from wedding photography after school because it had a reputation of being too stressful. After becoming a mom, and 5 years of working in an ER, I learned a lot about the way I handle pressure. Sometimes people forget when they're picking a wedding photographer, that their picking someone who will be following them around on the most intimate day of their life. Someone who will capture their interactions with their closest friends and relatives, but also have a front row seat to every emotion that it brings. That person needs to be able to take a little pressure, blend in with your bridesmaids, handle a rowdy bunch of groomsmen, and still capture all the candid moments. If that sounds like exactly like what you're looking for, I'd love to hear from you.

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